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The enrolment at Pegaso Telematic University can be made in any day of the year and it can be effected by online enrolment through the portal by following the procedure driven ( enrol now ).
It is also possible to enrol at the centre in via Vittoria Colonna, 14- 80121 – Napoli and at all E-learning Center Points placed on the Italian territory. The enrolment will be completely effected only after the delivery of the relative documents.


The enrolment at Pegaso Telematic University can be made in any day of the year and can be effected on line through the University’s secretary office by following the procedure showed as follows.
1. Fill the enrolment form on line ( visualize the template ). At the end of the procedure print a form copy;
2. Effect the payment of the enrolment instalment by bank transfer ( see );
3. Effect the payment of the Regional Tax of Euro 62.00 for the right to the university study on the postal current account n.21965181 addressed to “ Regione Campania – Servizio di Tesoreria – Napoli” by indicating the tariff code “0825”.
4. Print the Enrolment Form, coming from the on line enrolment procedure ( see point 1 ), and sign it; 5. Download the contract and sign it ;
6. Enclose two card size photographs ( one of which signed on the side to be sticked on the enrolment form ), a backside photocopy of an identity card, fiscal code and the Certificate of Secondary Education ( or a true copy );
7. Send by registered mail with receipt of return the documentation to Segreteria Generale Università Telematica Pegaso, Via Vittoria Colonna, 14 – Angolo Piazza Amedeo- 80121- Napoli.
As soon as the General Secretary Office receives the paper documentation, it will signalize by e-mail that the enrolment has been effected and will tell the user the credentials ( username and password ) to enter the e-learning PegasoOn line.
One should remember that if one of the points mentioned above has not been honoured , the enrolment could be declared invalid or could be accepted with reservations.
For further information and assistance contact the Freefone 800.911.771 or send an e-mail to the address


The charge cost for the A.Y 2007 / 2008 is of Euro 3.000,00. For disabled students some economic facilitations are provided ( see economic facilitations: ) The payment can be subdivided in two instalments of Euro 1.500,00 each: the first instalments should be paid on matriculation ( or on enrolment in case of transfer ), and the second one within 6 months from the receipt of the entrance credentials to the e-learning PegasoOnLine platform . In any case as matriculated or enrolled at Pegaso for the first time, the whole instalment should be paid within 30th June of the academic year of reference.
The coordinates to effect the bank transfer are.
C/C 1274735
ABI 05392 CAB 03402
IBAN: IT 65 H 05392 03402 000001274735
via Solimena 130/42, Napoli
The payment can also be effected by e-commerce on the site
For any technical problem concerning the matriculation procedure please contact directly the call center at the Freefone 800.911.771 or send an e-mail to the address


The teaching methodology adopted by Pegaso Telematic University provides the use of teaching courses formed by learning objects, involving various aids, materials and services that act synergically on the student’s training and learning course. The student, in fact, has at his disposal;
. the written text of the lesson, with bibliographical references, notes;
. slides ( supplied with texts, tables, images, graphics, etc ) commented by the teacher;
. films about the lessons, available in synchronic and / or asynchronic way;
. self-evaluation trainings in order to check the learning stage.
Every student attends his own virtual classroom’s activities coordinated by expert tutors in contents and trained for the technical-communicative aspects of didactics on line, and it is supervised by the Professor of the subject, responsible for didactics. The guide-consultant activity is performed through the creation of virtual interactive synchronic and asynchronic spaces ( forum, web conference, live sessions, etc ), or in case of personalized requests or explanations by e-mail.
The checking on the final result takes place in person at the university and is performed by a Board of Examiners appointed by the Chancellor and headed by the Professor of the subject. The criteria adopted for the evaluation are determined by:
. the results from a certain number of intermediate tests ( on line test to check the knowledge, the development of examination papers, possible laboratory activities, etc ).
. the quality of participation in on line activities ( frequency and quality of the interventions monitored through the platform).
. The results from the final examination in person at the universities.
Within each course, the students are subjected, for each subjects, to a test , in itinere, that is compulsory but not determining for the final examination entrance , in order to monitor learning constantly. The examinations can be made up of:
. tests ( close answers, open answers, multiple choices, etc ).
. exercises;
. simulations;
. planning examinations papers.
It is important to remember that if one of the points showed above has not been honoured, the enrolment can be considered invalid or can be accepted with reservations. For further information and assistance contact the Freefone 800.911.771 or send a-mail to the address