Studio Erasmus in London:A great opportunity for my future
Lunedì 27 Mag, 2019

Erasmus in London:A great opportunity for my future

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I have been an Erasmus + student, from February to April 2019.

London is an immense city that offers innumerable possibilities. The risk is that it is easy to get distracted from your studies and work because of the various opportunities that the city offers. The cultural diversity is quite outstanding, especially in the areas outside the city centre. However, besides all the positive aspects of the city, I must admit that London is a very expensive city, and the economic support provided by the Erasmus + program is unfortunately not enough to enjoy daily life.

- LTD media program: I was fully integrated in the program. I had my own tutor who helped me with the processes concerning both website developers and content providers, such as copyrights and photographers, create or improve e-commerce, design management reports and analysis, fee collection, etc.  The learning agreement was quite easy to manage.

- Language Proficiency in English: Advanced English language skills are expected in order to work at the Kludoe Media LTD. Both oral and written language skills were important in order to participate in the discussions in my job and communicate with the customers and above all in order to write the final term papers. I highly improved my English, which was not only a result of my job experience, but also because of the many British friends that I had the opportunity to make during my time at Kludoe Media LTD.

- Public transportation: London is, as I mentioned before, a very big city, you must count on public transportation in order to get from one point of the city to another. A bike might be a good solution, but you must get used to the left-hand traffic. There are some good bike paths, but the rest of the city is not so bicycle friendly.

- Living: It is VERY expensive to live in London. Most students pay around 150 and 200 pounds per week for a rather small room. I was lucky enough to pay only 450 pounds per month in the house of an acquaintance. 

- Culture and Leisure time: Everyone knows London, unnecessary to mention the highlights such as London Tower, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. An interesting, and in my opinion quite extraordinary fact is that many museums, such as the British Museum, the Museum of London, the Tate Modern and the Imperial War Museum, apply a free entrance policy. Many parks, concerts, theatres and bars make London unique; there are million possibilities to spend your free time in leisure activities.

I consider my Erasmus + experience as something unforgettable: a new way of learning, studying and working beyond every difficulty. My main goals were to increase my self-confidence, to speak in a different language, improve different styles of living and meeting new friends.I felt a sensation of youth and it has been a great input for me, for my job and for my future. In fact, I think that an experience abroad can open your mind. In order to improve the teaching European system, we have to work together. If we do that, we can learn a lot from each other and become better people.

Claudia Tealdi

Degree two years in Economics

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Giovedì 27 Giu, 2019 emanuela grippo

Andare all' estero è anche il mio grande sogno!. Emanuela Grippo

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