The Italian Language Course 2 is the programme for those who wish to learn Italian language. It aims to develop students’ linguistic potential and cultural understanding while providing students with solid scientific foundations related to the forms and structures of the Italian language.

During the Course you will learn the four basics skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).  

Tematica SSD CFU Ore
Thematic clustering and vocabulary 2 0
Grammar 2 0
Contents related to culture 3 0
Professional abilities 3 0

The Course mainly focuses on oral communication and on the formal aspects of the language (lexis/vocabulary and grammar). with the aim of providing a basic vocabulary to the student and improve his conversation skills through a study of direct and in-depth on language and Italian culture.

After reviewing basic grammar and vocabulary, students will be introduced to new more and complex grammatical structures, with the goal of increasing the student's vocabulary with idiomatic expressions, improve pronunciation and enable students to acquire the skills of written text production (letters on personal thoughts and general experiences, argumentative texts, narrative plots).

Students are expected to:

  • study the didactic material specifically arranged;
  • participate in online activities;
  • successfully pass the final examination